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  3. JayDubb from Confident Gamers sits down and gives his insight to the whole Zelda Timeline debate. 


    Zelda Timeline Reaction (by ConfidentGamers)


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  5. Ghost Recon Future Soldier Multiplayer Beta

    Is it Christmas today and I just missed it?!

    Heard my tell tale ding on my iPhone to tell me I have new email and so like a trained animal I immediately stop and check my phone. To my delight, it’s an email from UbiSoft reminding me that because I had pre-ordered Splinter Cell Conviction a while back I now have access to the closed beta for Ghost Recon Future Soldier’s Multiplayer which starts today April 19th and runs till May 2nd. 

    Oh happy Day!!!

    But wait, there’s MORE!!!

    As I scroll down the page I see something else that brought tears to my eyes. I see, what’s this, additional beta keys to share with my friends? CRAZY! So that’s what I did. I immediately pulled out my contacts, fast scrolled through it, and randomly stopped and sent that person an email….okay no I didn’t do that, but I did send out a key, maybe 2.

    Well, I still have access to give away. So, how to do this? I am still thinking. I know we have a Facebook page, Twitter, and a YouTube channel, to think about. Maybe we’ll choose one of those avenues to give it away. Just be sure you are following us.

    What do you think?

    Stay Tuned!!

    Ghost Recon Future Soldier releases on May 22nd on Xbox 360, PS3, & PC.



  6. E3 2012 + Nintendo = SPOTLIGHT!

    Come on, if you are looking forward to E3 2012, you know a major interest is Nintendo. Whether that interest is seeing how epic the Wii U is going to be or how much of an epic failure it’s going to be, you are there on Nintendo’s side line.

    Now, maybe it’s because it’s Nintendo and they have a track record of bringing out innovative gaming or people wanting to show that the successful Wii was just a gimmicky fluke, any bit of Wii U news is a major story. Lately what have been highlighted have been the rumors of release dates, release pricing, and power levels, all of which has been just that, rumors.

    However, so far confirmed news did finally hit the news wire and the news was exciting news. The news came from the mouth of Mr. Miyamoto, great game director and game designer, that at E3 2012, Nintendo will be debuting Pikmin 3 and Super Mario Bros. for the Wii U. Trust me when I say, those are two major announcements. If they were to debut a new Zelda for the Wii U, I think that would be just too much and heads would explode. To further confirm this, Nintendo has come forward and said yes. That was the stamp of approval.

    So, with E3 less than 2 months away, what are you most excited to see? Is it Nintendo and the Wii U or is it whether or not they will epically fail?

    Let us know in the comments.


    Source: GameTrailers


  7. Kid Icarus Uprising Review

    If you were to take a gander at my Nintendo Wii dashboard and view the countless virtual console classics I have downloaded, on the very first page you would immediately spot the 1987 NES Classic Kid Icarus sandwiched between other NES classics that have also shaped my childhood. Make no mistake about it, Kid Icarus is a bonafide classic, and now, 25 years later, we have been blessed with another one, affectionately known as Kid Icarus Uprising for the Nintendo 3DS.

    This is a must-own title, confirmed by a myriad of respectable gaming affiliates. However, there is nothing wrong with obtaining a second opinion. Here is what you are in store for upon your purchase of this title:


    The visuals for Kid Icarus Uprising are simply amazing. The environments, during both the air battles and land battles, are flawless. Vibrant colors combined with fantastic character and weapon design are nothing short of a win. All of this is enhanced by stellar 3D which seduces the eyes and completely engulfs you into this wonderful experience, especially during the air battles.


    By now, you may have already heard about the ‘cumbersome’ controls, or may have already experienced them for yourself. I have a different take. I personally applaud the controls and the ingenuity of them. Staying true to their motto of innovation and straying from the norm, Nintendo established unique controls that require you to move Pit with the analog stick while aiming with the stylus and using the L-button to shoot. (Left-handed gamers can attach the circle pad pro).  It works extremely well during air battles, and after a while feels natural, aided by the stand that comes included with your purchase. However, it’s when you hit land when it becomes a real problem. Same controls but now the stylus also controls the camera. I have yet to become proficient on land because the controls simply do not work well for the land battles. Your level of mastery for these controls on land will definitely affect your performance against bosses, especially when you turn up the intensity. Also, the controls and stand almost guarantees that you’ll be playing the game sitting upright at a table or desk. Sure, you can choose to play sitting on a couch or laying in bed, but you’ll be adding more undue stress to the land controls and will probably need to turn the 3D off as the constant movement of your 3DS will throw off the 3D effect.


    Whether its team battle (Light vs. Dark) or free-for-all, the multiplayer battles are intense, frenzied, so fast-paced at times that you don’t know which way is up, and I like it. You get to battle other 3DS gamers and show off the weapons you have unlocked or fused. The amount of possible weapons are seemingly infinite in number as are their effects, range, and damage. Your success in multiplayer not only depends on your arsenal, but also how well you have adjusted to the controls on land, which as stated previously, comes with a HUGE learning curve.

    Final Score

    It’s not perfect, but not too far from it. Gorgeous graphics, epic soundtrack, frenzied and addictive multiplayer mode, seemingly endless amount of content. A must-own title.

    9.0 / 10 (This score earns Kid Icarus Uprising the Triforce of Courage seal of approval!)

    - JayDubb


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